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Ataka-no-Seki and the View Terrace

Ataka-no-Seki and the View Terrace

With its rocky shores, the Ataka seaside is not renowned as a beachside resort area. However, this seaside is steeped in history for the locals of Komatsu and is a great place to watch sunsets over the Sea of Japan.

Komatsu’s local culture is closely linked to Kabuki theater and one play in particular – Kanjincho – was written about an event that supposedly took place at Ataka-no-Seki. You’ll find statues of the main characters from Kanjincho as well as a small museum explaining the story and significance of it for the people of Komatsu. You can get more details on this here.

(Photo credit ©石川県観光連盟)

Historical significance aside, the Ataka seaside is a lovely place for a stroll. There’s actually a small forested area to meander through, the Ataka Sumiyoshi Shrine, and the newly renovated view terrace housing Ataka Cafe. On a relatively clear day, late afternoon to early evening is perhaps one of the best times to visit this seaside. After taking a walkabout, you can stop in at the view terrace for some refreshment and watch the sunset.


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