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Chirihama Beach Driveway

Chirihama Beach Driveway

Care to take a drive along the beach? Yes, you read that right – a drive!

Chirihama Beach Driveway is a roughly 8 kilometer (5 mile) stretch of beach north of Kanazawa that cars, buses, pretty much anything with wheels and an engine can drive along. Locals and visitors like to cruise along Chirihama, sometimes stopping to dip their feet in the water or search for seashells. In the summer, little beach houses pop up along the driveway to sell local specialties like baigai.

This beach driveway runs parallel to the highway going to/from the Noto Peninsula, so you can simply drive along this stretch of beach for a more scenic route or just make a trip out of Kanazawa and drive and play along the beach for the day! Or if you’re here in the winter, the sunsets are still spectacular!


  • If you’re driving, be careful about getting too close to the water or to the opposite edge of the beach driveway – the sand is softer in these areas and cars can get stuck. If you do get stuck, often kind passersby will help!


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