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Cooking Japanese Food

Cooking Japanese Food

Looking to get a little hands-on with your Japanese food experience while in Kanazawa? You can learn about some simple and popular dishes at Kanazawa Tabi-ne’s original guest house while chatting with the locals. All the staff of Kanazawa Tabi-ne speak English and have many great recommendations about traveling around Kanazawa.

Also, while you enjoy making these fun Japanese foods, you can put your taste buds to the test by doing a blind tasting of delicious local sakes. As you try the different sakes, you can learn about what makes sake different from wine and what makes the local sake better than others!

Cooking experiences available:

  • Mondays:  Okonomiyaki
  • Tuesdays:  Tamagoyaki, onigiri, and miso soup
  • Wednesdays:  Sushi rolls and miso soup
  • Thursdays:  Takoyaki
  • Fridays:  Hot pot
  • Saturdays:  Temakizushi
  • Sundays:  Gyoza

**You must reserve with Tabi-ne – guests staying with Tabi-ne receive a discounted price**


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