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Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours

Around Kanazawa, cycling tours to take in scenic and traditional farming areas has become a popular way to visit and learn about Japan. If you’re going to be visiting the Hakusan foothills, the Noto peninsula, or Takayama city, why not considering going on a cycling tour?

Tedori Gorge Cycling Route:

A self-guided tour along a 19.6 kilometer (12.2 mile) route stretching from Hakusan city to the Ichirino Ski Resort. You can swing by one of the Hakusan GO Rental Bicycle locations and choose either a normal or electric bike and go for a leisurely ride along the Tedori Gorge. Along the way, you can take in sites like the Shirayama Hime Jinja and the Ikoinomori Waterfall.

Noto Kurashi Cycling:

A cycling tour in the Noto Peninsula aimed at introducing visitors to the everyday lives of the people here. In fact, kurashi means livelihood! Reservations are required, and there is an option for an English-speaking tour guide.

Hida Satoyama Cycling:

Just outside the city of Takayama, the people of the Hida traditional farming village want to share with visitors their way of life through cycling tours. There are options for a standard or half course, or you can go self-guided. Reservations are required as there are a limited number of bikes and English-speaking tour guides.


  • Summers in Japan are hot and very humid, so pack plenty of water and sports drinks.


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