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D.T. Suzuki Museum

D.T. Suzuki Museum

Take a short breather from your touring and the city’s hustle-and-bustle by stopping at the D.T. Suzuki Museum – a museum dedicated to the Zen philosopher D.T. Suzuki by a former pupil.

The inside of the museum introduces you to the life of D.T. Suzuki and his take on Zen as a philosophy. While making your way through this part of the museum, you can collect leaflets with the teachings and words of this philosopher, peruse books on Zen, and scroll through a computerized system detailing the life and teachings D.T. Suzuki.

Outside, you’ll find several peaceful places for contemplation around a large pool of water. It’s a nice place to sit and relax for a short while. Every 10 minutes or so, you’ll notice that some water bubbles up in one part of the pond to create a ripple effect – perhaps this is to stimulate reflection, what do you think?

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