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Hakusan White Road

Hakusan White Road

There are two ways to make your way to Shirakawa-go from Kanazawa. The fastest is by the normal toll roads. But the scenic route along the Hakusan White Road is far more beautiful and interesting for the adventurous and nature-loving.

Just over 23 kilometers (14 miles) long, the White Road is a well-maintained winding toll road through the Hakusan National Park towards Shirakawa-go. Along the route, there are many scenic pull-offs to view the surrounding mountains and, in some cases, lovely waterfalls. There are also a couple of rest stops along the way in which you can get some refreshments and souvenirs.

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  • The White Road is closed at night and during the winter as the roads become too dangerous.
  • The busiest time of year is in the fall – but this is also the most beautiful time of year to take the White Road!
  • You can join a tour bus or get a chartered taxi if you do not wish to drive. Details here.


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