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Kenroku Garden

Kenroku Garden

Kenroku Garden is considered one of Japan’s top 3 most beautiful gardens – and if you have any experience with the intricacies of Japanese gardens, you’ll agree. Also, when you stop by, don’t forget your picture of the koto shaped lantern that has become a trademark of this garden!

With Kanazawa Castle just across the street, it’s easy to imagine Kenroku Garden as a feudal lord’s retreat hidden atop a hill. It’s also easy to mistake the size of the garden from the outside as it seems deceptively small when walking up to it – especially if you take the route by the many souvenir and gold leaf ice cream shops. However, once inside and after you make it over the last little crest, the garden, with its multiple ponds, paths, trees, flowers, and hundreds of types of moss, opens before you.

Kenroku Garden is open all year and is beautiful in any season, so come pass some time at this beautiful central location – before you know it, a couple of hours might fly by as you meander the paths!


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  • To learn more about the history of Kenroku Garden and Kanazawa, take a guided tour!
  • Check out some of the tea houses outside and inside the park – if you want to try matcha and Japanese wagashi while surrounded by the beautiful Kenroku Garden, stop by Shigure-tei on the southwest corner of the garden!
  • At various times throughout the year, Kenroku Garden and Kanazawa Castle have nighttime light-ups that you can enjoy once the sun goes down!


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