Around Kanazawa



If you want to wander through nature but don’t have the time or physical ability to handle Hakusan or Tateyama, there’s several hiking trails and lower peaks in the Hakusan foothills between Komatsu and Kaga cities. One particular peak is a local favorite and from afar is said to look like a saddle:  Kurakakeyama.

This little peak only stands at 477.7 meters (1,567 feet) but the hike to and from the peak is filled with lush greenery, little waterfalls and streams, and is simply a refreshing experience. On a clear day, you can see Hakusan on one side and the Sea of Japan on the other.


  • There’s no public transit that goes to the trailhead. If you absolutely won’t have a car, you can try contacting the Komatsu International Association to see if anyone can show you the way.


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