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Japanese lacquerware is fairly well-known around the world, especially the wooden boxes with their beautiful art and shiny exteriors. Around Kanazawa, you can find three styles of lacquerware:  Kanazawa, Yamanaka, and Wajima. Each of these styles also offer hands-on experiences to better understand the process!


The Kanazawa style is best known for the use of the area’s gold leaf in creating gorgeously golden pieces of art. This style uses a painting technique known as maki-e that was developed in Japan in order to use gold and silver leaf and seashells.

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(Photo credit ©石川県観光連盟)



Yamanaka style is better known for emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood from which a piece is made. If any designs or art are added to a piece, it is usually carved directly into the wood prior to adding the multiple layers of resin. This particular style, too, is perhaps the most durable of the lacquer styles found around Kanazawa

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(Photo credit ©石川県観光連盟)


Pictured above (Photo credit ©石川県観光連盟) is Wajima lacquer – the oldest style (thought to be about 600 years old) and most renowned of the three. The overall process of making one piece of Wajima lacquer can take years due to the amount of time needed for processing the wood base as well as waiting for each layer of lacquer to dry (it’s a surprisingly dangerous substance that, at the least, causes skin irritation if exposed when wet – and yet, totally fine when dry).

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