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Sake & Brewery Tours

Sake & Brewery Tours

While many foreign visitors to Japan claim their dislike of Japanese sake, hopefully you’ll consider giving sake around Kanazawa a try. Locals claim the clear waters from the sacred mountain Hakusan create the best sake Japan has to offer – and they could be right!

Like wines, sake has varying flavor profiles ranging from the dry, kind of spicy to the smooth, easy to drink sweeter types. If the type of sake you’ve tried outside of Japan was reminiscent of mild vodka with an unpleasant burn, that is not a good sake! Most sake found around Kanazawa are smooth enough that you might wonder if you’re drinking slightly sweetened water.

And whether you’re new to sake or a seasoned drinker, there are a few breweries around Kanazawa that offer tours. However, due to the brewing process, most tours are only offered in the cooler months of fall through spring. If you’ll be here in summer, fear not as you can still taste and learn about sake from the brewery stores or the sake sommelier at Washu Bar Engawa in Yamanaka Onsen!

Sake Around Kanazawa:


Fukumitsuya (Kanazawa)

Nakamura (Kanazawa)

Tedorigawa (Hakusan)

Noguchi (Komatsu)

Nishide (Komatsu)

Shinsen (Komatsu)    

Kaga no Tsuki (Komatsu)

Tengumai (Kaga)

Sogen (Noto)


Chikuha (Noto)





































**All photos from respective brewery Facebook pages**

Breweries offering tours:

  • Fukumitsuya in Kanazawa
  • Sakagura Kaetsu (Kaga no Tsuki) in Komatsu
  • Nishide in Komatsu
  • Higashi Sake (Shinsen) in Komatsu


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