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Scenic Noto

Scenic Noto

If you’re the type who likes to go a bit off the beaten path and enjoy nature, taking a drive through the Noto Peninsula might be perfect for you! As of yet, the Noto is not exactly a tourist hotspot, but the area has a lot of unique offerings you might just fall in love with.

Mare theme musical road:

A short stretch along the highway towards Wajima City that has rumble strips laid in such a way to turn your car into something like a large music box playing the theme to Mare, a TV series set in Wajima.

Wajima City:

A small port town that’s best known for its lacquerware but also has a museum dedicated to kiriko, a type of festival float that looks like a giant lantern that’s common for festivals in the Noto. There’s also the Wajima Asaichi Morning Market [link to Local Markets article].


Some of the last remaining terraced rice fields in Japan. Lush and green in summer, beautifully lit up in the evening during the winter, it’s a nice stop along the Okunoto Coast. 


An interesting rock structure with a decent little beach along the northernmost part of the peninsula.

Sosogi Seaside:

A pretty stop along the coastal road with a waterfall that has refreshingly clear, cold water that you can dip your feet in.

Okunoto Sea Salt Village:

You can learn how sea salt has traditionally been made – and can try the sea salt soft cream that’s specific to this area! (the link has no English information)


A fascinating rock structure connected to the mainland by a man-made rock path. There’s a bell on the shore of the little island that if rung is said to help with love matchmaking.

Dolphin watching:

A family of dolphins has recently taken residence in the Nanao Bay, so you can take a boat ride and see if you can spot them! (the link has no English information)


Around the Nanao Bay, paddleboarding – or SUP, Stand Up Paddling, as the Japanese call it – has been gaining popularity. The waters in the bay are relatively calm and perfect for the sport on a nice day. (the link has no English information)

These are just some of the bigger points of interest for nature and/or sports lovers looking to get out of Kanazawa for a bit and see what beautiful sites and fun activities are available!


  • There is very little public transport available throughout the Noto, so the best way to experience the beauty of this peninsula is via car.


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