Around Kanazawa



Across Japan, the area around Kanazawa is said to have the best seafood. The locals claim this spectacular seafood is best enjoyed in the fall and winter – although, it’s still pretty fantastic any time if available!

Here are a few kinds of seafood to try while exploring around Kanazawa:

Nodoguro – translates as “black throat” which derives from the fish’s (you guessed it!) black throat. This fish is a specialty of the Hokuriku region (around Kanazawa) and can be found relatively cheaply in the area, whereas it’s pretty expensive elsewhere.

Maguro – everyone’s favorite tuna!

Kani – crab. If you like your shellfish, give the female snow crab (kabook-gani) a try when you’re in town – it’s sweet and delicious!

Amaebi – amaebi translates as “sweet shrimp” (and were named so for their sweet taste), but actually refers to spot prawns. You’ll often find these as part of sashimi platters.

Baigai – there are several possible translations for these, but perhaps the most fitting is the Japanese sea snail. Usually, these are cooked and served in their spiral-shaped shells and you have to use a fork or stick to twist out the meat. If you don’t like super bitter tastes, avoid eating the black part that was in the innermost part of the shell!

Buri or Fukuragi – adult yellowtail. This tasty fish is plentiful in winter and has a taste lighter than red-meat fish but not quite as light as white-meat fish.

Gasuebi – “rustling sweet shrimp” is another type of sweet shrimp typically found only in Ishikawa and Toyama. They’re not the most appetizing of shrimp but are a rare delicacy whose meat is firmer than other shrimp, giving it more of a crab-like taste.

Hatahata – Japanese sandfish. Commonly found in winter along the Sea of Japan coast, these small fish can be served as sushi or grilled whole. It’s ok to eat the whole fish, if you can stomach it!


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