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Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route

Around one of Japan’s three sacred mountains, Tateyama, in Toyama Prefecture, visitors can find a lot to see in this stretch of the northern Japanese Alps. The whole area is also a large nature reserve, so you’ll have to have to rely on the various buses, cable cars, trolleys, the ropeway, and your own two feet to make your way around – they have extensive information available in English, so it’s actually pretty easy to navigate.

Snow Corridor:  open April through June, hop on one of the buses from Murodo station and see just how much snow the Japanese Alps accumulate every year!

Hiking:  while the word “Tateyama” essentially means “Mt. Tate,” it actually references a range of peaks in this part of the Japanese Alps – one of the tallest of which is actually known as Oyama and is 3,003 meters (9,852 feet) above sea level. The first half of the hike from Murodo Station towards the Oyama peak is easy for all levels of hikers as it’s paved. However, once the paved section ends, it becomes a steep trek around boulders and on loose gravel. If you’re looking for an easier trek or walking course, there’s plenty of other options besides Oyama – all of which are spectacular on a clear day!

Kurobe Dam:  the highest dam in Japan holding back a couple hundred million tons of water that’s almost teal in some light. You can also enjoy a short cruise on Lake Kurobe and eat Kurobe Dam Curry at the rest house.


Shomyo Falls:  the tallest waterfall in Japan at 350 meters (1,148 feet), you can see this beautiful waterfall and the surrounding gorge by taking a short bus ride from Tateyama Station.

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  • Check the weather carefully before visiting the Tateyama area and dress accordingly.
  • There are many beautiful things to see around Tateyama, but it’s impossible to see them all in one day!
  • If you intend to hike to the Oyama peak, the length of time posted on the official website to do the hike is based on avid hikers – for the more average person that doesn’t hike often or people that enjoy taking breaks every half hour, it will take up to 5 hours to reach the peak. However, the peak on a clear day is gorgeous and there’s a little shrine at which the priest will pray for your safe travels back down the mountain and offer you a sip of sake!


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