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Tea House (Geisha) Districts

Tea House (Geisha) Districts

Aside from samurai and sushi, geisha often come to mind when thinking about Japan. If you have an interest in learning about these fascinating artists, Kanazawa has three historical geisha districts:  Nishi Chaya, Kazue Machi Chaya, and Higashi Chaya.

The biggest and most well-known of these districts is Higashi Chaya. When here, you can stroll past the tea houses while imagining the lively festivities once had by nobles watching the beautiful geiko perform. You can even tour one of the old tea houses, Ochaya Shima, that’s now used as a museum and attend a geisha performance in English!



Just on the other side of the bridge from the entrance to Higashi Chaya is Kazue Machi Chaya. This district is perhaps the most beautiful – especially in the evening – of the three as it runs alongside the Asano River.

(Photo credit ©石川県観光連盟)


Nishi Chaya is located a bit farther away than the other two, but very close to the Katamachi and Sai River area. Here, you can walk the street, taking in the traditional teahouse architecture, and visiting the Nishi Chaya Shiryokan Museum.

(Photo credit ©石川県観光連盟)



geiko = like in Kyoto, this is how geisha are called in Ishikawa


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