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Unazuki Onsen and Kurobe Gorge

Unazuki Onsen and Kurobe Gorge

Related to the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route but deserving of its own day-trip is Unazuki Onsen and Kurobe Gorge.

Unazuki Onsen town is a cute little mountain town that boasts a resort hotel, free foot baths, craft beer made with locally sourced barley, and, of course, beautiful scenery. The are is easy to access via train or car from Kanazawa.

But to really enjoy the splendid nature of this area, you should try riding the open-air trolley train through the Kurobe Gorge. Throughout the entire train ride, you’re surrounded by the beauty of the Tateyama mountain range and the Kurobe River, and the whole experience of riding this little old train is unique and fun. At the end of the line at Keyakidaira Station, you can enjoy a quick bite at the simple restaurant, peruse the souvenir shops, walk around the paved paths to see more of the gorge, and even go down by the river to a little foot bath to soak your toes.


  • You’ll want to start early for the Kurobe Gorge train ride to enjoy the sites and have a chance at using the foot bath – facilities will start shutting down at a fairly early time since the sun sets early in a mountain gorge.
  • The absolute best time to ride the train is in the middle of the fall to see the foliage!

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