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Yamashiro Onsen

Yamashiro Onsen

(Photo credit ©石川県観光連盟)

Said to have been founded when the monk Gyoki witnessed a crow healing its wings in the hot spring waters of the area, Yamashiro Onsen is another of the four Kaga area onsen with 1300 years of history.

In the center of town is the kosoyu, or the old public bath. It doesn’t seem particularly old, and that’s because the building itself is rather new but the style it mimics is a couple of hundred years old. When visiting the kosoyu, visitors can enjoy soaking in the hot springs in a more traditional fashion. There’s also a regular public bath almost next door to the kosoyu at which visitors can enjoy a nice bath.



A hot but relaxing free foot bath can also be found near the town’s center – water spouts from a rock on which a statue of a crow that symbolizes the foundation of the city sits. This foot bath is a great little rest after hiking up the stairs to Yakuoin Onsenji Temple and walking around marveling at Yamashiro Onsen town’s many stone lanterns with Kutani-yaki style glass panes.



Yamashiro Onsen resorts offering day-trips:

  • Yamashiro Kosoyu (no official website)
  • Yamashiro Soyu (no official website)

Yamashiro Onsen resorts with private bath options:

A note on tattoos:  Tattoos are still generally forbidden in hot springs in this part of Japan, but if you have small ones that can easily be covered, then you’ll have no problems. Those with large, extravagant tattoos may be refused entry to the hot springs.


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