Tel:076-205-8092(12:00〜20:00 JST)

Q.Is there anyone else staying at the house?
A.No, it is completely a private house stay. But only KANAZAWA TABI-NE is a guesthouse with 4 private rooms. Bathroom and toilet are shared with other guests.
Q.How much is the accommodation fee?
A.It is a flexible rate and depends on which house and when you stay. You can go check the rate on the webpages of each property.
Q.Will I be charged a fee to cancel my reservation?
A.It depends on each cancel policy.Please check it when you book it.
Q.Can I change the number of people after I made a reservation?
A.Yes, contact us before 2 days of your arrival date.(Over capacity can be negotiable)
Q.How do I check in?
A.We ask the guests to come to the office for check in between 12 and 6 pm.
Q.How do I check out?
A.It is a self-check out process. Details will be given at the check in desk.
Q.Can children stay at the house?
A.Yes, they can. But if you stay with children at KANAZAWA TABI-NE, children have to be the age of 2 or older as KANAZAWA TABI-NE is a shared guesthouse.
Q.Is there WiFi available at the place?
A.Yes, all the houses have free WiFi.
Q.Is nightwear prepared at the place?
A.Yukata(Japanese nightwear )is available for 100 yen to rent at check in office.
Q.Can I bring my pet to a house?
A.Yes, 5 accommodation,Nishichaya TABI-NE, Ninja TABI-NE, Tenjin TABI-NE, Azuki TABI-NE,Tsunagian TABI-NE, are pet-available house.
Q.Can I smoke cigarette inside the house?
A.Smoking is strictly prohibited at all the houses.
Q.Can I send my luggage before I arrive?
A.Yes, you can pick it up at the check-in desk on your arrival but you must contact us in advance.
Please write down the address and name below on invoice.

LocoLocoyasue A room, 12-29 yasue-chou Kanazawa. TABI-NE
【TEL】 076-205-8092
Q.Can I pay the accommodation fee on my arrival?
A.We ask the guests to pay in advance by credit card or through bank transfer.
Only when you make a reservation just before you arrive, you can pay on your arrival.