Tel:076-205-8092(12:00〜20:00 JST)

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"Crasco TABI-NE" is a nostaligic hotel. It takes only 4 minutes by walk from Kanazawa Station. And, you can enjoy eating local foods in the sharing kitchen and talking with guests and staffs there. This hotel is like your house. So, please make yourselves at home and make special memories from here.



This building was a business hotel which had been loved for a long time in Kanazawa. We renovated it and made a new Japanese style hotel. When you enter your room, you first take off your shoes, and then, you can enjoy "tatami" and Japanese traditional, modern design of the room. Kanazawa is well-known for old and new. So, you can feel it even in your room.



  • You can use our sharing kitchen freely. So, why don't you cook Kanazawa local dishes by yourselves and eat them together?


  • There are a table for 8 persons and a "tatami" space. And, you can use all Kitchenware and dishes,cutlery. (After using cutlery, please wash it.)


  • There are 3 washing machines.


  • crasco TABI-NE Nostaligic Hotel
  • 〒920-0853

    2-6-23, Hon-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa.

  • tel.076-205-8092
  • Check in: from 15:00 to 20:00
  • How to come

  • - If you come by train, you can come here in 4 minutes walk from the east door of Kanazawa Station.

  • - If you come by car, it takes about 15 minutes form Kanazawa West Interchange or 10 minutes from Kanazawa East Interchange.

  • - If you come by airplane, you can come here in 45 or 60 minutes from Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa Station by bus, or you can also rent a car.