Tel:076-205-8092(12:00〜20:00 JST)


Located a 10 minute walk from Naga-machi Buke Yashiki district and Teramachi (temple area).
Nomura house and the Ninja Temple are within a 10 minute walk. The downtown area of Katamachi is only a 5 minute walk.

Back to an older Japanese era

This old house contains furniture from an older time that is rarely seen these days. A geisha once owned and lived in this house. The antique furniture remains the same as when she lived here. You can feel the old Japanese atmosphere and see what a geisha’s living quarters were like.

Experience the true accomodations of a Geisha

We have kept all the furniture the same to give this place an old Japanese feel.
See the carp tiles in the bathroom and the classic colors in the kitchen to bring you back to a past Japanese era.

The house of a Geisha

Kanazawa has a 200 year history with geisha and there are currently 50 geisha still living here.Thy spend their days practicing traditional Japanese dance and music in the afternoon and entertaining their guests at night. This house was once owned by a geisha and the furniture has been kept the same as when she lived here. The interior of the house is very simple but also elegant.

More convenient than Kanazawa station?

The downtown area of Katamachi is Kanazawa`s busiest area. There are many restaurants, bars, and shops to enjoy.
Every few minutes or so you can take a bus to Kanazawa station or many of the local landmarks from the nearest bus stop (Katamachi).
Also, as it is located just across the river from Katamachi, there are large public baths and supermarkets in the area, making daily life hassle-free.

Geiko TABI-NE Facility Summary

Address 14-9 Shiragiku-cho,Kanazawa-shi,Ishikawa
TEL 076-205-8092
caption 4 to 8 guests
Access 10 minutes by nearest bus stop 「Katamachi」
20 minutes by a taxi from kanazawa station
Amenities Shampoo/Conditioner/Body wash/Bath towels/Hand towels/Toothbrush/Razor
Nightwear(100 yen for rent, available at the check-in desk)
Facilities Wi-Fi
Kitchenware(pan/pot/long chopstick/ladle/knife/cutting board/spatula)
Induction heat stove
Hair dryer
1 bed
Laundry Machine
Iron (Ironing board)
Other The bathroom and kitchen have remained the same as when the geisha lived here.
This may not be fitting for travelers looking for luxury but instead is good for those looking for an experience.
We ask our guests to be quiet during the night as this house is located in a residential area.