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The mixture of nature and tradition “Asanogawa TABI-NE” coming soon


Coming soon! Asanogawa TABI-NE. It is located on Kobashi-machi. You can feel the mixture of nature and tradition.


Bed room is designed based on green, you will misunderstand you are in a forest! Additionally, at balcony you can hear the sounds of river and see a big Japanese maple.


If you are interested in Japanese culture, you can enjoy traditional Japanese style of living. This house has Tatami, fusuma and shoji (Japanese sliding door). We hope you like them.


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Family hotel “Crasco TABI-NE” new opened on September 22nd!


Crasco TABI-NE new opened on September 22nd! This hotel is located near Kanazawa station, it takes 3 minutes on foot.


We have 16 rooms in Crasco TABI-NE and most of them are suitable for 3 to 4 people. It is suit for your family trip! Our room is designed with mixture modern and tradition. Therefore, you can feel Kanazawa which keeps history and challenges new things in your room.


It takes 10 minutes by walk from Crasco TABI-NE to Omi-cho market which is a fish market. You can get fresh Ishikawa’s seafood there and cook it in the shared kitchen. We value an encounter. We hope you can meet new friends in our common room.

We have 3 laundries and you can use it for free. You can enjoy long staying in our hotel.